3 Products to Prepare Your RV For the Busy Travel Months

RU_ALS20_headerSpring is here, although some of you have been out already this winter, most of us are just beginning to scrape the ice off our RVs and flush the antifreeze out of the tanks.

And now it’s time to think of getting everything ready before the RV season begins.

You might think about fixing the rattle under the dinette that drives you nuts when you are buzzing down the highway or the route that will take you from North Carolina to Iowa to Minnesota to Colorado to Washington or how to fit three bikes in the back exterior storage.

But do you ever think about your RV power? Continue reading

The Great Transfer Switch Debate: 301 vs. 503


At Parallax, we pride ourselves on producing dependable and powerful power supply products. That includes our transfer switches. We recently introduced our brand new ATS503 transfer switch to replace the 501, so now we offer both the classic 301 and the high tech 503.

And with both of them being such great products, we’ve got to admit that it’s a little hard to choose! Continue reading

11 Great RV Upgrades to Spend Your Tax Refund On

RV_Camper_at_North_Toledo_Bend_State_ParkThe average tax refund in 2015 was $2,893. Now that’s just the average, so we know that some people will have less and some will have more. Either way, our best recommendation is to spend that money on something that will improve your enjoyment of life and allow you to get more out of your free time.

What better way to do that than with one of these great RV upgrades? Continue reading

Tired of the Cold? Think Warm Thoughts by Planning a Trip to These Great RV Spots!

yosemite_valley_3When the weather gets cold your thoughts probably turn more towards curling up in front of the fire than hitting road with your RV.

But now is a great time to start thinking about your next RV trip. Starting your planning now means you don’t waste valuable time later. And the warm thoughts of your upcoming adventure are sure to get you through the winter. Continue reading

What Does it Mean When Electronics are Double Tested?

Team-Photo_edittedDo you have something electrical near you? Of course you do. After all, you live in the modern world. All right, take a look at the label on that device. It could be on the back, the cord, or wrapped around where the light bulb goes. You’ll undoubtedly see a badge on that label, probably reading ETL or UL. These are quality badges that mean the product passed the tests of that organization. Continue reading

Trends to Expect on 2016 RVs


The cold weather is here, which means the RV season of 2015 is over. Fortunately, the winter leaves you plenty of time to check out the 2016 RVs. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade to the latest model, or maybe you’re just looking to add some new features to your tried and true companion.

Either way, keep an eye on some of these design trends to see what’s in store. Continue reading